WEA Credit Union is ready to help you make wise choices when you need to borrow money. In addition to vehicle loans, mortgage loans, education loans, and credit cards, the credit union is here to provide you with funds for just about any good reason!

In order to borrow from WEA CU you will need to complete a loan application and submit proof of income. We will calculate your debt ratio and review your credit situtation and in many cases the loan is immediately approved. After approval we prepare the loan documents for your signature and have them ready for you when you come in or mail them out to you to sign at your leisure. Your loan check will be issued as soon as the signed papers are back in our office.

Borrowing from WEA CU is convenient and private. We know that education professionals in smaller communities are very visible. WEA CU understands the unique needs of education professionals and will protect your privacy.

A WEA CU Personal Loan is great for:

  • Unexpected Expenses
  • Consolidating Debt
  • Vacation Expenses
  • School Expenses
  • Just about any great reason!